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Hospice Care

Hospice Care for VNS Health Medicare Patients

For patients who are diagnosed with a terminal illness, VNS Health Medicare offers a Hospice Benefit.

VNS Health Medicare is one of a handful of designated CMS Innovation Center Model participants for the Hospice Benefit Program, designed to increase patient access to hospice services, simplify payment by moving it from Medicare to the patient’s Medicare Advantage plan, and improve coordination between hospice providers and other clinicians at the patient’s end of life.

The Hospice Benefit component of the Value Based Insurance Design (VBID) Model is an opportunity for VNSNY CHOICE Medicare, physicians, and hospice providers to collaborate and improve care coordination, transparency, and quality of life for our Medicare members at the end of life.

Part of the Hospice Benefit includes the provision of Transitional Concurrent Care (TCC) service for members who elect hospice with an in-network hospice provider. To ease care transitions, we offer TCC services that are necessary to address continuing care needs, as clinically appropriate, for the treatment of the patient’s terminal condition. Under the TCC benefit, patients who elect hospice care with an in-network hospice provider can choose to maintain their usual curative care for up to one month from the date of hospice election.

We currently have two in-network hospice providers available to plan members:

Note that out-of-network hospice services are also covered by the patient’s health plan. Other hospice providers may be added to the network at any time.

Hospice Care Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Hospice Care Providers