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VNS Health MLTC Member Resources

Thank you for being a member!

We’re happy to have you. Your expert Care Team, connected to one of New York’s oldest and most respected home care organizations, is dedicated to coordinating for you the support, services, and supplies you need to keep you safe in the comfort of your home. We know your home is where you want to be. 

Note that this plan is now called VNS Health MLTC as of January 1, 2023. Same great plan with a brand new name. Learn more.

Latest News

Contacting Us

Connect with the right team to get the help you’re looking for.


You get unlimited trips to health care appointments. Learn how to book your rides.

Ordering Medical Supplies

Learn how to keep a regular supply of the medical items you need to stay well.

Keeping Your Medicaid Active

To make sure you can keep your plan, we’ll work with you so your Medicaid stays active.

Member Materials and Forms

Find forms, information about your rights, and other plan resources.


Find quick answers to some of the questions members often ask.

Refer a Friend

Have a friend who could benefit from long-term home care services? Tell them to give us a call, toll free, at 1-855-867-6555 (TTY: 711).