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What Is VNS Health EasyCare Plus?

EasyCare Plus (HMO D-SNP) is a Medicare Advantage plan for people with Medicaid. It includes prescription drugs and extra benefits not covered by regular Medicare.

Plan Highlights

  • $0 Monthly premium*
  • $0 Copays for doctors, hospitals, labs, and more 
  • Over-the-Counter and Grocery Card**
  • Dental, vision, hearing, transportation, acupuncture, and more


Making Health Care Easier and More Affordable

Most EasyCare Plus members have a $0 monthly premium and $0 copays (depending on the level of Medicaid eligibility) for most health care services. And EasyCare Plus offers more than regular Medicare, including extra benefits that can make it easier to live a healthy lifestyle in your home and community.  

VNS Health Medicare received 4.5 out of 5 stars

A Reputation for Quality

Every year Medicare rates plans based on a 5-star rating system. More stars mean a better plan. VNS Health Medicare is proud to be rated 4.5 out of 5 stars — the highest rating for any Medicare Advantage plan in New York City and Long Island for 2023.

Just Some of What You Get with EasyCare Plus

Help Affording Things You Need

OTC and Grocery Card

Get up to $1,920/year ($160 per month).
Help with Eye Care


Get up to $250/year for glasses or contacts.
Help with Oral Health

Dental Care

Get up to $2,750 for comprehensive dental services.
  • More Than Regular Medicare

    Regular Medicare covers a lot, but not everything. EasyCare Plus has important benefits that aren’t part of regular Medicare, including prescription drugs, dental, vision, hearing, acupuncture, and much more.

  • Extras for Healthy Living

    EasyCare Plus includes:

      • A debit card you can use to buy OTC health items and groceries** — $160/month ($1,920/year). Use it in local stores, or get easy home delivery.
      • SilverSneakers® fitness program — with gym memberships and online classes.
      • Transportation to health care. 
      • And more!
  • Personal Support

    With EasyCare Plus, you get a health coach or care manager to help you be as healthy as possible. Our plan pharmacists can help make it easier for you to take the medications you need. You can have some doctor’s visits in the comfort of your home with our telehealth benefit. And you’ll have 24/7 access to a nurse for when health concerns arise.

*Depending on your level of Medicaid eligibility.

**The grocery benefit is part of a special supplemental program for the chronically ill, and not all members qualify.